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Part of the beauty of Kabbalistic thinking is the interplay between what is seen and what is said or thought.
The Hebrew letters allow for an almost infinite variety of permutations, and the colors and metaphors
of astrology and the other systems discussed in the ifdawn domain lend themselves
to all sorts of artistic applications. Below is a selection of the items available on my zazzle page.
I love making and sharing the art; and this is an effective and economical way to do it. All of the posters work on any size or price.

The period of quarantine has allowed me time to do some projects I've been putting off for a long time,
because these require extensive spline/node editing to create. The lines are all editable,
and scalable to any size. They could be the size of a billboard and still be crisp
as they look here.

Appropriately, they both involve images of the Hermit/Virgo - the hand, and concentration. They'd look great
on any wall - all of mine are full!


Here is a poster of the Key Concepts of Astrology, perfect as a study aid and as a piece of art:

The 231 Gates Saffron Poster
The 231 Gates Saffron Poster by RafiMetzDesign This comes in many colors.

More Posters

Here is a growing collection of other kinds of posters I'm developing.


Celtic Designs

As you can see, my art extends beyond Kabbalah into many areas. Here are posters from my travels in Thailand, in 2017.


More Celtic designs, and next, a series on astrological and alchemical symbols, here, in The Labyrinth.

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