The Tipharet Helix

The numerical interplay in the tree is subtle. The "left" pillar, coming down from Keter, begins with odd numbers, and the "right" pillar begins with even numbers. But at Tipharet, the polarity reverses. This is Karmic mixing; showing that everything becomes its own opposite in time.


The Tree - Helix

From an angle we can see how the keys that flank Tipharet are in a state of flux. The Hanged Man, and The Wheel of Fortune occupy zones of suspension between opposites.


The Yin - Yang symbol shows the mixing of opposites, each containing the seed of its counterpart. The pillars of the tree are a mix of Yin and Yang, "female" and "male" force. The paths flanking Tipharet exist fully in the realm of soul, and are truly androgynous.


Because of the half twist, a single strip has only one side and one edge.

Mother Letter Möbius

The Möbius Strip is named after its discoverer, August Ferdinand Möbius, a nineteenth century German mathemetician and astronomer who was a pioneer in the field of topology. It is also an infinity symbol.

Circular Mobius Triangular Mobius Quadrilateral Mobius


The horizontal figure eight, besides denoting infinity, is ascribed to Hermes, Thoth, Mercury, and shows dominion. It occurs in Key 1, The Magus, Key 8, Strength , and Key 21, The World .

Celtic Infinity

Another symbol of infinity is the Nordic Midgard Serpent, devouring itself

Midgard Serpent

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