Dreams and Morphogenesis

Some theorists (Carl Jung, for example) postulate a 'collective unconscious,' a kind of shared 'undermind' that we are all linked to. We dip into this place when we sleep and dream.

This unconscious energy drives us and affects our moods and attitudes. When we sleep, this energy flows through our minds without restraint, and causes our image making function to fire volleys unfettered by logic. We call these images 'dreams.'

By working with our dreams, we can untangle our subconscious motivations, complexes and urges. This is based on the idea that all of the characters in the dream come from within the mind of the dreamer.

For Example:
A person dreams of crossing a bridge, and being confronted by a "guardian" or "troll" that tries to prevent the dreamer's passage. Later, awake, with eyes shut, the dreamer recreates the dream, savoring the "feeling tone," and remembering every possible detail. Then, when the Guardian is confronted, the dreamer takes control of the script, and attempts a dialog, perhaps a reconciliation. The dreamer attempts to "wear the shoes of the guardian," to understand it's point of view.

Then, with the memory of this conscious re-enactment newly engraved in the brain, the dreamer is prepared when a similar situation arises in a new dream. Not remembering its source, the dreamer uses the awake-time re-writing to change the course of the new dream, and thus develop deeper relationship with inner archetypes.

The memory of the awake-time dreamwork changes structures deep in the psyche, allowing the dream to change its reflection in the new dream. Successive dreams are like successive iterations in the fractal, revealing ever more detail, and showing more of the over arching pattern in life.

Many non-technological cultures give great credence to their dreams. The Australian Aborigines believe the dreamtime is the real world, and that this place we live in is the 'dream.'

Gurdjieff says we are walking in our sleep, dreaming we are awake.

Still others say that we are dreaming all of the time, but that our waking state drowns out the more subtle mental activity.

Dream recall is difficult for some, but it can be cultivated. Recall is easily inhibited by the presence in the body of substances like pot, alcohol, and other medications. Going to sleep with a clean head assures the best dream harvest.

Evolution, History, and Time [Morphogenesis]

Collective thought or group transformation is part of a larger system, the fractal of consciousness. "Morphogenetic" means "fluxing character transmission," or "genetics in flux." The morphogenetic field is our world, and community. Learning by one member of the group is passed to the entire collective through this invisible field, in addition to the genetic transfer we are already aware of.

Awareness of morphogenesis arose from studies that showed monkeys and other animals learning new skills simultaneously while at the same time separated geographically, i.e., living on islands.

The morphogenetic field is fractal, and infinite in its complexity. The fractal model also shows that any change, no matter how slight, effects the entire picture. Fractals also descibe the mystery that permeates the universe; the repeating cycles, and patterns, the fact that no matter how deep you go, there is always more detail. Fractals describe deterministic chaos, that is, a seemingly chaotic system that begins to reveal patterns in itself over time and space. The universe is a perfect natural example of deterministic chaos... [Key 3 has more about fractals]

(Until computers and the ability to see patterns in huge, complex number systems, entropy was believed to be the only chaos possible. "Entropic chaos" is a system that degenerates into nothingness.)

ALL of the universe is one, flowing, fractal mind-form - we call it God, Goddess, Brahman, Allah, Buddhahood, Ahura-Mazda, El-Shaddai, Jah, Manitou, math, language, chemistry, history, religion, humor, evolution, and infinitely more. It is "center everywhere, circumference nowhere -" we are the center of the universe, because it is infinite. And we are also an insignificant speck, a bubble on the cosmic oceans.

Time is a human invention, based on the periodicity of day and night, the seasons, and our own mortality. But in the context of infinity, time is meaningless. Evolution/Creation is never/always finished.


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